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Work Package 4 – Networking of networks for laboratory response

  • Establishment and strengthening of cooperation between networks.
  • Identification of relevant networks and agencies, establishment of agreements on cooperation as well as definition of tasks in inter-epidemic (IEM) and outbreak response times (ORM).
  • Assessment of occurrence of emergent and re-emergent high cross-border health threats pathogens of risk group 3 and 4 will be continuously reviewed, to identify what are the current and future serious cross-border health threats for Europe.
  • At least 6 meetings with relevant other networks and stakeholders will be performed to evaluate lessons learned from previous outbreaks and to strengthen the cooperation and interoperability between networks and stakeholders.
  • Implementation of agreed activities among networks and agencies and stakeholders for laboratory outbreak management (ORM).
  • A practical wet-laboratory exercise to prove mechanisms in ORM will be organized.

Date: 04.11.2016

    ECDC: European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control

    ECDCThe European Centre of Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) is an EU agency with aim to strengthen Europe's defences against infectious diseases.


    EVD-Lab Net – Emerging Viral Diseases-Expert Laboratory Network

    Logo EVD-Lab NetEVD-LabNet creates and maintains a (pro)-active and flexible network of European expert laboratories that are involved in patient diagnostics, and that support Public Health activities in liaison with research activities of (re)emerging viral diseases. The network continues the earlier collaboration "ENIVD".


    EVD-LabNet: European expert laboratory network for emerging viral diseases

    Logo EVD-LabNet: Emerging Viral Diseases-Expert Laboratory Network (EVD-LabNet)EVD-LabNet is a multi-disciplinary network of expert laboratories. Its aim is to strengthen Europe’s laboratory capacity and capability to respond to emerging, re-emerging and vector-borne viral disease threats.


    EMLab: European Mobile Laboratory Project

    European Mobile Laboratory ProjectThe project is funded by the European Comission and will build the capacity to bring state-of-the-art technology, diagnostics and highly trained scientists from Europe and Sub-Saharan African countries to the field in case of infectious disease epidemics in Europe and Sub-Saharan African countries.


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